-Lorinda Mamo, Designer/Creative Director

Why I Love UX/UI Design

Design allows people to decipher information in a beautiful, easily comprehensible way.As they say, “knowledge is power.” So, when we give people an opportunity to comprehend information more easily, we give them an opportunity to grow and completely change their future. That’s what excites me about design!

Design provided me an opportunity to learn about something I was passionate about, change careers, and dream again. I would love to see people have the same opportunities I’ve had by mentoring people as they change careers and help them do something they find deeply fulfilling.

The Path that Led to Design

I have always been passionate about finding a career that uses empathy and creativity to help people. A few years ago, my husband was in school to become a developer and heard about UX design. He quickly told me about it thinking I would really enjoy a career doing something like that. I began to research it and decided to jump into an extensive UX Design bootcamp called Bloc.io. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the industry. The possibilities to create products that improve people's lives and ultimately make the world a better place are endless.

Through my previous work experiences, I learned the value of receiving feedback, developing as a leader, and how to manage numerous projects at once. I'm excited to use these three key areas of growth to support my teammates and the design industry as I continue to learn how to become a better UX/UI Designer.